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Matt Mcewen

Matt McEwen


Welcome to my tennis section. This area is meant to let you know a little bit about my tennis philosophy as well as my qualifications as a teaching professional.

Philosophy & Experience

I view tennis as a life time sport and truely enjoy tennis. My goal is simple: I want to teach people how to love the game.

I learned how to play tennis when I was 12 years old at Laurel Hill Swim and Tennis Club. I then went on to play number one singles for four years at Maumee High School. I had my first tennis teaching job at Sylvania Country in 2003. I taught there for 3 years. I have worked at Belmont Country Club 2003-2008 as well. At Belmont I ran not only clinics but also over saw many different social events as well as court maintenance. Starting in 2007 I became a pro at Laurel Hill and have been there up to present. Along with Laurel Hill I am also the head pro at Carranor Hunt & Polo Club. Representing Laurel Hill I worked at Stone Oak Country Club from 2010-2013 and recently I have become the director of Tennis at Stone Oak Country Club. As far as my personal tennis is concerned I have been playing USTA League tennis since 2004. I am currently rated a 4.5 and have made it states and the midwest several times within the last several years. If you are interested in any further information please feel free to contact me at