During my time at BGSU in the MCT program I have been able to hone my technology skills for use in education.  There are several areas that I feel I have improved upon greatly:  iBooks creation, Video Editing, and Audio Editing. 

iBooks Creation:

For my final project I created an iBook for use in education. While creating this iBook I learned about the vast amount of features iBooks has and I was able to utilize them effectively for education:

  • Distribution
  • Note taking
  • Dictionary use
  • Flashcard Development
  • Internal Quiz Creation
  • Picture Slideshows
  • External Links
  • Integration of Classroom Materials

The following is a link to a video I created about many of the features iBooks has to offer. 


Video Editing:

I have made many videos over the year but through this course I was able to push my abilities forward when it comes to special effects and other video tool use.  The following are some of the areas that I worked on developing throughout my time at BGSU:

  • Green Screen
  • Audio Editing
  • Video Editing
  • Transition
  • Visual Effects
  • Inter-splicing Various Audio and Video files
  • Transcoding
  • Screen Casting

The following is an example of one of the videos I created for my course work at BGSU:


audio Editing:

Over the years I have been recording audio and doing my best to distribute it to my students.  Recently I have purchased a new higher quality microphone and have seen my recordings improve vastly.  Also I have learned how to not only create an audio podcast for distribution through iTunes but also I have learned how to apply the same technology for video podcasting.  The following link is a link is a portal to my iTunes Podcast: 

Mr. McEwen's History Class Podcast


other examples of 21st century technolgoy::

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Twitter account:  @Mr_McEwen_Class