I have had several opportunities over the years to give presentations on various forms of technology in the classroom.  Often times when I give these presentations I record YouTube Tutorials on how to do the very thing I am teaching in my presentation so that the attendees can watch them in the future for review or for others who have missed my presentation.  The following are descriptions and links to these presentations:

This first link is a video I recorded for the professional development I provided for Central Catholic High School on the features of iBooks in education.  This presentation was given on 3-10-16 and is part of my final project for my Master’s in Classroom Technology:
Central Catholic Presentation
Along with this presentation I also recorded a series of video detailing how to create an iBook on your own.  The multiple video tutorials can be found at the following playlist:
Central Catholic Presenation YouTube Playlist

I have taught teachers in the past how to create mass e-mail lists for entire class periods.  This is designed to work in conjunction with Google Contacts to accomplish this task.  The video tutorials can be found here:
Google Contacts Tutorial

I have taught teachers in the past how to create digital homework’s that can be taken and submitted online through Google Forms.  The following is a video tutorial on how to create one of these Google Forms:
Googel Forms Tutorial

Presentations: Notre Dame Academy

While working at Notre Dame Academy I was part of a technology advisory committee that ultimately decided on the direction of the school in regards to a 1:1 iPad setup.  I created a series of videos to help students, faculty, and staff with their iPads.  The following are the videos I created:

How to upload documents to iPad and view offline
Upload and View Documents Tutorial

How to make an iCloud Backup and Find My iPad Setup
iCloud Backup and Find my iPad Tutorial

How to add an iPad Passcode Setup
iPad Passcode Tutorial

Creating an iTunes Account
iTunes Account Tutorial