Action Research: iBooks Presentation

            Action research was done to identify what makes effective professional development.  The research was done so that I might be able to learn from this research and apply what I have learned into the creation of my own professional development: iBooks Creation and Distribution in a classroom setting.  My research had the goal of answering the following question:

What makes professional development effective?

I sought to answer this by consulting research by the following sources:
Blaine, J., & Haskin, M. (2006)
Dieker, L. A., Hynes, M. C., Hughes, C. E., Hardin, S., & Becht, K. (2015)
Maurer, M. J. (2010)
Wilson, S. M. (2011)

                The information I gathered can be summed up by a few identifying factors of high quality professional development: 

  • Post professional development support needs to be provided to the faculty and staff.
    • Refresher courses, resources, and other assistive devices need to be made available.
  • School time needs to be built into the school year for reflection on the professional development.
  • Teachers should be encouraged to work in small groups to help with bouncing ideas off of one another and feeling a sense of responsibility to that small group.

I have created a video that helps to demonstrate my research and findings.  This video can be viewed here:


Literature Review:  Literature Review – High Quality Professional Development

To see the full research report:  iBooks Creation and Distribution Professional Development