Final Project: iBooks Workshop / In-service

            During my time in the Bowling Green State Universities Classroom Technologies class I decided that I wanted to fully embrace the idea of becoming a technology coach by giving my own workshop / in-service to teachers on the creation and implementation of iBooks.          

            In order to effectively give a presentation on iBooks I felt the best course of action was to create a PowerPoint that mirrored what I would be having the attendees doing in the iBook.  This PowerPoint presentation would allow me to move freely around the room and not be tethered to a computer or iPad.  I made this PowerPoint available to the attendees as well so that they could learn at their own pace or outside of my presentation.  The PowerPoint can be found at the following location:  Here

            As stated previously the PowerPoint went in conjunction with an iBook that I created for the attendees.  This iBook was designed to demonstrate all of the features that iBooks has to offer educators.  The iBook was distributed to all attendees via e-mail leading up to my presentation.  You can access the iBook at the following location:  Here

            At the conclusion of my presentation I shared a YouTube channel with the attendees that had not only a video recap of everything I had gone over but also detailed video tutorials on how to create iBooks at various stages.  The YouTube channel can be located at the following location:  Here


            As part of my final project I had to seek approval from the the HSRB (Human Subjects Review Board). The following documents are my approval:


Approval not needed